APV GK 300 M1

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GK 300 M1

The Grassland Combi consists of a two-row harrow with a levelling plate and a roller. Your advantage with APV: The harrow and roller can be used combined at the rear. However, you can also use the two implements separately at the front and rear using the front mounting accessory. The trailing roller can always be used separately, e.g. for field crops. The GK 300 M1 is also often used for multi-farm operations. On steep terrain or with smaller tractors, there is the option of dividing the Grassland Combi.

Functional Principle

Coarse unevenness is eliminated with the levelling plate. Then the 2 harrow rows with the 12 mm tines produce an optimal seedbed for possible reseeding and at the same time, they comb the weeds out of the crop. With a mounted seeder, the seed is spread directly behind the harrow rows and in front of the roller. The last working step of pressing the seed down is then performed by the trailing roller.


  • Infinitely variable adjustment of the working depth of the roller
  • Depth, pressure and aggression adjustment of the tines is done in stages via bolts in the hole pattern



  • Harrow at the front and roller at the rear achieves improved weight distribution. The centre of gravity lies close to the tractor.
  • Combine the work passes (levelling, combing out, seeding, combing in and rolling), as you require.


  • The roller and harrow can be divided, fastened and mounted without tools.
  • The operations can be freely combined, e.g. only levelling and rolling or only harrowing and rolling, etc.

Application Areas of
GK 300 M1