APV GS 300 M1

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The APV Grassland Harrow GS 300 M1 can be used single as well as in combination with an existing roller, given that the GS 300 M1 can be used in front. If needed, the reconsolidation of the sward can be done with the roller at the rear. This leads to a balanced weight distribution, which facilitates particularly work on slopes.

Functional Principle

High quality basic fodder is an important source of energy in the dairy industry. The APV Grassland Harrow pulls out unwanted grasses, creates space for high quality seeds and aerates the soil. Thus, the harrow stimulates the natural formation and the germination of a diverse plant stock. In combination with a Pneumatic Seeder, you can till your fields in one working process and seed grasses and legumes. In this way, you control the relationship between grasses, legumes and herbs. Improve your grassland stock and increase your yields with APV’s Grassland Harrow.


  • Due to the shape and numerous adjustment possibilities, you achieve the optimal harrow pattern with all the requirements.
  • Use the spring-mounted levelling plate (available as an accessory) to level out molehills and other unevennesses.
  • Harrow sections with cranked spring tines of various thicknesses. This combination is unique in agricultural engineering!


  • Combine up to four working steps in one (levelling, tilling, seeding, retilling).
  • You can also use the Grassland Harrow in agriculture and apply field fodder with it.


  • Every harrow section can be used at various relative thicknesses. This achieves optimal soil adjustment. Simple tine adjustment of the 3rd and 4th row.
  • Combine the APV Grassland Harrow with your APV Pneumatic Seeder. The following models are suitable for use: PS 120 M1, PS 200 M1 and PS 300 M1

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GS 300 M1