APV Pneumatic Seeders


Pneumatic Seeders

APV’s Pneumatic Seeders (PS) are characterized by their universal use on a wide variety of machines. Because of this, a combined application is possible – tilling the soil and seed simultaneously. This will save you time and money! The seeds are conveyed by air support through plastic hoses to the dispersion plates. This enables precise seeding even by windy conditions!

While driving, adjustments and monitoring are possible on the control box at any time. As accessories, speed-adjusted seed rate spreading are available.

The APV PS series includes products of different hopper sizes (120, 200, 300, 500, 800, 1200 and 1600 litres), a fan (electric, hydraulic or PTO fan) and design (standard, fertiliser and / or TWIN).

In addition to the seeding of catch crops, the application of nurse crops and grass reseeding are also possible with APV seeders.

Benefits of the Pneumatic Seeders

  • Exact lateral distribution throughout the working width
  • Wind-independent spreading of the seeds
  • Mounting options on almost any soil tillage implement, seed drill and crop care implement – regardless of the manufacturer
  • Versatile combination options for the hopper volumes, seeding shafts, fan types, technical equipment and extention possibilities for the outlets (up to 32 outlets)
  • Rapid delivery time even during the season: Our staff at the order centre is happy to provide more information!
  • Individual consultation and support before and after the purchase

PS 120 M1 I PS 200 M1 I PS 300 M1

Preview of the pneumatic seeder PS 300 M1

The Great „Little Ones“

The PS 120, 200 and 300 M1 are professional implements for use on small as well as medium farms. They differ in terms of the volume of the seed hopper.

PS 500 M2

Preview pneumatic seeder PS 500 M2

Multifunctional Use with Different Seeding Shafts

The PS 500 M2 is an excellent implement for farmers with large surfaces, as well as for contractors. The seeder is ideal for combined use on different soil tillage implements.

PS 800 M1

Category picture of pneumatic seeder PS 800 M1

Large Hopper Volume for Efficient Spreading

The PS 800 M1 is the absolute professional implement for spreading catch crops simultaneously with the soil tillage. The PS 800 M1 allows the seeding of grass, all usual small seeds, as well as forage rye and wheat.

PS 1200 M1 I PS 1600 M1 (stand alone)

Preview of the pneumatic seeder PS 1600 M1

Professional Application on Large Areas

Because of the large hopper volumes of 1,200 litres and 1,600 litres, the Pneumatic Seeders PS 1200 M1 and PS 1600 M1 are especially ideal for farmers with large fields. All components are perfectly coordinated for the requirements of intensive operation.

PS 1200 M1 I PS 1600 M1 (with MT2 M1)

Preview of the pneumatic seeder PS 1600 M1

Professional Application on Large Areas

The mounting of the Pneumatic Seeder on the APV Implement Carrier MT2 M1 allows a flexible use, because it needs not to be mounted directly on the pulled soil tillage implements.