SAME Explorer



SAME Explorer 105 in stock

Stage V 3.8L FARMotion Engine

Common Rail system with 105hp max power

2 Engine memory speed function

Electric shuttle with comfort clutch function

Manual lift controls with 3600kg lift capacity

LED Lighting package

55l/min hydraulic system

3 mechanical spool valves with free flow return

540 speed PTO

Dromone pick up hitch

Air seat

Radio system

Silent Block cab suspension

BKT 420/70 R24” front

BKT480/70R34” rear

In summary this tractor is an ideal option for the farmer wishing to do his daily field and yard work with the basic requirements while experiencing modern comfort of a stylish Italian tractor


With over 130,000 units sold since 1983, Explorer is one of the most popular SAME tractors of all time. Today, the Explorer is equipped with a number of additional features, and the range has been extended, making it the ideal working companion for every farmer looking for a versatile, comfortable and reliable machine on which they can depend at all times. The new Explorer is available in 8 models, with 3 versions (LD-MD-HD) that can be customised further, and a choice of two different configurations. A range of options are available, with 3 or 4 cylinder engines, 3 types of hydraulic system, 3 different wheelbases, high-efficiency purely-mechanical gearbox or gearbox with powershift gear ratios, and much more besides… The new Explorer range offers the ultimate in safety, quality and performance, with low costs of ownership.


“Designed to meet the needs of modern agriculture.”


The new FARMotion Stage V 35 and 45 engines are available in 3- or 4-cylinder configurations. They have many strengths: compact size, high performance, superior reliability and minimum maintenance. The electronically controlled Common Rail injection system can reach a pressure of up to 2000 bar, delivering optimized performance curves for agricultural usage. In addition to the Common Rail, the 7-hole injectors, viscostatic cooling fan and PowerCore air filter have a positive impact on fuel consumption and noise reduction. The Explorer 125 has a max power of 126 HP at 2000 RPM, while at 1600 RPM (engine speed of ECO PTO) it can deliver a torque of 517 Nm and a power of 115 HP, reaching 91% of its maximum power.


“All the modularity you want.”

To develop a truly modular concept, the transmission of the new Explorer is developed on the basis of a 5-speed gearbox. However, it is possible to add 2 or 3 Powershift steps, and a mechanical reverse shuttle or hydraulic PowerShuttle with adjustable reactivity. 

Moreover, the “Stop&Go” system allows drivers to carry out precise manoeuvres with only the brake pedals, without using the main clutch.

All transmission versions are also available, as an option, with underdrive and creeper ranges to reach up to 60+60 speeds. For HML transmission, the Automatic PowerShift function (APS) is now also available. Other common features are front and rear differentials, front wheel drive electro-hydraulically engaged, and multidisc brakes on all 4 wheels.


“A wider offer than ever.”

Different hydraulic systems are available, with 55 or 90 l/min single or double pump, 4 to 6 rear outlets, mechanical controls, flow regulator and free return. A low flow (25 l/min), 2-way on/off electronic regulated distributor is also available, to reach 8 hydraulic ways at the rear. 

A powerful, mechanically controlled rear lift is provided as standard, but, as an option, an electronic version is available with a max lift force of 5400 kg, and a factory-fitted front lift with a max force of 2100 kg. The PTO is available in different modes (540/540-540E/540-540E-1000-1000E), always electro-hydraulically actuated and provided with removable shaft. The groundspeed PTO has an independent output shaft, as well as the 1000 RPM front PTO.


“The luxurious, modern and comfortable TopVision 4-pillar cab guarantees a quiet and less tiring job.”

Thanks to its modern 4 pillar design, the optimal external visibility is always ensured. A high comfort level is guaranteed thanks to the Hydro Silent-Blocks, able to reduce driver’s vibrations by 40% with respect to the traditional type. The tiltable and telescopic steering column, combined with a suspended seat with several settings, enable everyone to find a comfortable position. 

The low noise level, the quality of materials and the ergonomic layout contribute to positioning this cab at the highest levels of comfort. The cab can also be equipped with a bracket to support additional devices, a passenger seat with seatbelts, the DAB radio, many electrical sockets, smartphone and cup holders and the CTM – the modern over-the-air data transmission suitable for SDF Fleet Management.