SAME Virtus RV Shift

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Anyone who needs a true all-rounder tractor that can tackle any task with ease knows that they can rely on a SAME Virtus to deliver the goods. On top of all the outstanding features that have set the Virtus apart as an iconic general purpose tractor, the new Stage V compliant version introduces the new full-Powershift RVshift , new TopVision cabs and, most importantly, SDF Smart Farming Solutions – a suite of advanced digital functions created to help you work better, quicker and more productively.


FARMotion 45 engines and the SAME VIRTUS: the perfect combination of performance, fuel economy and environmental sustainability.

The new SAME Virtus offers impressive performance matched with extraordinarily low operating costs and simplified maintenance. Credit for this goes to the new 3.8 litre FARMotion 45 and FARMotion 45 ULTRA Stage V engines. These engines use cutting edge technology, with an advanced new combustion chamber design, 2000 bar common rail fuel injection and the eVisco fan, while FARMotion 45 ULTRA variants feature an electronically controlled variable geometry turbo. Together, these solutions offer maximum power outputs from 116 to 137 HP (or 126 to 143 CV in Boost mode) at 2000 rpm, and peak torque of 564 Nm (576 Nm in Boost mode) for the most powerful variant available.


A choice of two transmission variants also contributes to the extraordinary versatility of the SAME Virtus.

While traditionalists can opt for a transmission with 5 speed mechanical gearbox and 3-stage Powershift, the new generation SAME Virtus Stage V is now also available with the innovative full-powershift RVshift, controlled entirely from a single joystick, which offers a total of up to 20 + 16 speeds (with or without supercreeper). The RVshift  transmission offers unprecedented levels of comfort and, among other features, also includes the Automatic Powershift (APS) function and a fully user-customisable function for automatically selecting between “work” and “transport” modes.


The SAME Virtus is renowned for its extreme configurability in terms of hydraulics and PTO choices, for maximised productivity with any implement.

SAME Virtus Stage V tractors can be configured with a choice of different hydraulic system variants. The most comprehensive configuration is a 120 l/min load sensing hydraulic system with up to 10 rear couplers, both mechanical and electronic controls (depending on model) and Power Beyond. To cater for the many different farm tasks that a general purpose machine such as this has to deal with, the new Virtus comes with an extensive choice of PTO speed modes (540, 540 ECO, 1000 and 1000 ECO) and a groundspeed PTO with independent output shaft. AUTO PTO, a function which engages and disengages the PTO automatically in relation to the position of the electronically controlled rear lift, is standard.


Design, ergonomics and total control over the functions of the tractor: the TopVision cabs of the new SAME Virtus offer all of this and more.

Available in a choice of three progressively more comprehensively equipped variants, the TopVision cabs offer the space, comfort, levels of equipment and control ergonomics you’d expect from a premium tractor. Mechanical cab suspension, LED work lights, the iMonitor, high visibility roof, a 12V refrigerator, USB ports and an audio system with DAB+ radio are just some of the optional accessories available for the new SAME Virtus.


  115 125 135 115 RVshift 125 RVshift 135 RVshift
[Version] Virtus Virtus Virtus Virtus Virtus Virtus
Engine type FARMotion 45 FARMotion 45 ULTRA FARMotion 45 ULTRA FARMotion 45 FARMotion 45 ULTRA FARMotion 45 ULTRA
Cylinders/Capacity 4/3849 n°/cc
Injection Common Rail @ 2000
Power at rated speed 81,2 / 110 kW / Hp 88,2 / 120 kW / Hp 94,6 / 129 kW / Hp 84,7 / 115 kW / Hp 90,1 / 123 kW / Hp 95,6 / 130 kW / Hp
Rated speed 2000 rpm
Maximum power 85,6 / 116 kW / Hp 93 / 126 kW / Hp 99.8 / 136 kW / Hp 89,3 / 121 kW / Hp 95 / 129 kW / Hp 100,8 / 137 kW / Hp
Air conditioning Turbo intercooler Turbo Intercooler VTG Turbo Intercooler VTG Turbo intercooler Turbo Intercooler VTG Turbo Intercooler VTG
Maximum torque 463 Nm
Torque rise 26% 27% 27% 35% 33% 33%
Fuel tank capacity 160 L. / 12 AdBlue
Transmission SDF T5350 Powershift SDF T5441 Powershift SDF T5441 Powershift SDF T5441 RVshift SDF T5441 RVshift SDF T5441 RVshift
Shuttle PowerShuttle with 5 different setting
N° of speeds 20 + 20 Powershift 30 + 30 Powershift 30 + 30 Powershift 20 + 16 RVshift 20 + 16 RVshift 20 + 16 RVshift
Maximum speed 40 ECO Powershift
Type 4 wheel braking
Rear lift Electronic
Rear lift capacity std: 5,410 Kg
Pump delivery 55 l/min 90 l/min 90 l/min 90 l/min 90 l/min 90 l/min
Front lift capacity 3,000 Kg
PTO Electronic
Front PTO speed 540/1000 540/540ECO/1000/1000ECO 540/540ECO/1000/1000ECO 540/540ECO/1000 540/540ECO/1000 540/540ECO/1000
Cab TopVision TopVision+ TopVision+ TopVisionPro TopVisionPro TopVisionPro
On board instrumentation iMonitor3 – Touchscreen 8” (OPT) / Working LED lights (OPT) / DAB+ radio with Bluetooth (OPT) / Cooling box (OPT)
Air conditioning manual (OPT)
Suspension Hydro Silent-Block suspension (STD) / Mechanical cab suspension (OPT)
Rear tyres 480/70 R34”
Wheelbase 2480 mm 2480 mm 2480 mm 2510 mm 2510 mm 2510 mm
Weight 4600 Kg 5000 Kg 5000 Kg 5500 Kg 5500 Kg 5500 Kg
Width min.-max. 2209 mm
Length 4425 mm 4500 mm 4500 mm 4530 mm 4530 mm 4530 mm
Cab height 2735 mm
Max. effective load 7500 Kg 8000 Kg 8000 Kg 8500 Kg 8500 Kg 8500 Kg