McHale 62-72 Rake

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Building on their comprehensive range of grass machinery, McHale now introduce their R 62-72 centre delivery rake.

McHale rakes have been tested in the world’s most difficult conditions, in order to deliver a strong and robust machine, which is efficient and reliable in all terrain. The McHale R 62-72 rake is an ideal machine for those who want to get the best quality fodder, by delivering an aerated swath. The R 62-72 delivers an ideal swath for maximum baling and harvesting output.


McHale R 62-72
The McHale R 62-72 can be used to combine multiple mower rows or to row up grass, which is left on the flat. McHale centre delivery rakes are powerful but gentle on the crop, delivering the perfect swath preparation. The rotors on the McHale centre delivery rakes are suspended centrally and both rotors operate at equal ground pressure across the adjustable working width to deliver the perfect swath.

Standard Specification

  • Pivoting Headstock
  • Heavy Duty Wide Angle Driveline
  • Incab Width Adjustment
  • Rotor Height Adjustment Indicators
  • Tine Arm Cam Adjustment
  • Steering Axle
  • High Speed Running Gear
  • 380/55 – 17 tyres
  • Transport Height under 4m
  • McHale Heavy Duty Design